8 Things single people must do.


8 things single people must do — By Aneeqe A. Khan

8 Things single people must do.

We’ve all been there; your best friend is dating someone from work, your sister is getting engaged next week, and then there is you. To top it all off, the people who are in a relationship are so smug about it like they have it all figured out. I call bullshit! We’ve all known that one friend, who couldn’t even turn the microwave on two weeks ago and ever since their new relationship, they are somehow a qualified psychologist.
I digress, but here is something you may not have heard before; maybe being single is excellent. Being single comes with perks, and rather than wishing for a relationship, we need to celebrate, explore life and its limits.

While you are enjoying your freedom here is a list of 8 Things single people must do.

  1. Stop saying you are going to die single: Okay, maybe you have been single for a few months now, or even a year. Let me put it this way; would you instead go through yet another breakup and a miserable relationship or wait till the right person comes along? Further to my point, when you say such a thing, it portrays desperation. I know it sucks to see all your friends in relationships, but it’s the right thing for us in the long run. Aristotle said it perfectly — “patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”.

If you have made it this far, I thank you for reading this. Being single isn’t that bad, but I also hope you find the person that loves you dearly, through thick and sick. A relationship is part of your life, perhaps an essential part but as much part as your career, friendships and health. A relationship is an opportunity to share your life with someone, not your reason to live.

I truly hope you got some value out of this little article. If you think that this article would benefit anyone at all, please share.

With Regards, Aneeqe A. Khan

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